Satellite Dishes

Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes of 24″ in diameter or less may be installed for individual units in the Brookwood Condo Village for services such as DirectTV and DishNetwork. However, satellite dishes may not be mounted anywhere on the outside of buildings nor on the roofs of buildings. Owners are responsible for any renters who do not have their satellite dishes installed in one of the two approved locations.

Approved Locations for Installing Satellite Dishes

There are only two approved locations where satellite dishes may be installed.


Satellite dishes must be mounted on a pole and no more than three (3) feet from the unit’s patio.

Satellite Dish Near a Patio

LOCATION 2 (Exterior/End units only)

Satellite dishes may be mounted on a pole and no more than three (3) feet from the building.

Satellite Dish Near an Exterior/End Unit

The Legal Details

All members of the HOA are subject to the covenants wherein:

  1. Article V provides that “no … exterior addition to or change or alteration (of any structure shall) be made until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, material, and location of same shall have been submitted … and approved in writing.”
  2. Article IX provides that “no exterior … satellite dishes or similar device shall be placed, allowed, or maintained on any portion of the improvements visible from the exterior a living unit.”
  3. Article VII provides that “the association shall provide exterior maintenance upon each living unit … as follows: … exterior building surfaces …..  In the event that the need for maintenance or repair or the improvement thereon is caused through the willful or negligent acts of its owner, … the cost of such exterior maintenance shall be added to and become part of the assessment to which such living unit is subject.”
  4. Article IX, Section 7, provides that “the association shall have the right to make and enforce such rules and regulations as may be necessary. …”

The Board is mindful that in this day in age satellite dishes are generally smaller than when these restrictions were first recorded, and are a prevalent means of television and internet reception.

Therefore, the Board has met and determined to promulgate rules, regulations, and an enforcement policy that would recognize the prevalence of smaller satellite dishes, but which would also serve to protect the long-term structural and physical integrity of the exterior building surfaces which the association is required to maintain.

Accordingly, we have resolved to forego seeking complete removal of satellite less than 24 inches in diameter, provide however, that all such exterior satellite dishes be relocated to, and future ones placed on, poles adjacent to the exterior surfaces, and not affixed by screws or nails drilled directly into the exterior walls or roofs of building units.

This policy is in the best interests of the association, in the short-term and the long-term, in that it permits continued use of small dishes for those who choose to receive their television and internet reception in this fashion. However, it prevents a situation whereby drilling holes into the exterior walls and roofs could cause water infiltration and additional expense for the association and for all of our members.

Therefore, we direct that dishes be installed be of a size 24 inches less than or less in diameter and be affixed to poles or other similar structures immediately adjacent to an exterior wall or patio or deck.

Friendly Reminders

When you call the message center, leave your name, address, the telephone number at which you can be reached in the evening and a brief message regarding the reason you are calling. A volunteer will return your call.

The message center is for general questions about the HOA and maintenance issues. The person who will return your call is a volunteer member of the Board of Directors. They will return your call when they can.

Parking of cars and trucks or vehicles of any kind is not permitted on grass and lawns. Please use your driveway or park on the street. Our grass will thank you.

We all get those weekly newspaper ads and phonebooks thrown in our driveways from time to time. Please take the time to pick them up and dispose of them if you don't want them as well as any trash lying around. Help keep our neighborhood clean.

Inoperable vehicles must be stored inside your garage or removed from the premises. Commercial vehicles weighing more than 6 tons, boom and tow trucks are not permitted to be parked in residential neighborhoods.

Trash for pick up should be placed no further than 5 feet from your building. Curbside pick up is prohibited. All trash must be contained at all times. See Blue Springs FAQs.

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