Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected each year at the Annual Meeting held in August. Terms begin in September and end the subsequent August. Any HOA member in good standing with the association is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Board members serve a one year term and can serve as many consecutive terms as they like.

Election of officers takes place at the first meeting after the Annual Meeting in September. The Board of Directors meets on the third Thursday of every month to carry out the business of the HOA, discuss various issues facing the HOA and make decisions regarding issues and policies.

The roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and its officers are laid out in the HOA Bylaws.

Purpose of the Board of Directors

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The 2023-2024 Board of Directors:

Doan Pham, President / Treasurer

Hal Duval, Vice President

Christine McPherson, Recruiting

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Friendly Reminders

We all get those weekly newspaper ads and phonebooks thrown in our driveways from time to time. Please take the time to pick them up and dispose of them if you don't want them as well as any trash lying around. Help keep our neighborhood clean.

The message center is for general questions about the HOA and maintenance issues. The person who will return your call is a volunteer member of the Board of Directors. They will return your call when they can.

Pet owners are responsible for their pet's excrement in the yard. You need to pick up your pet's poop daily and dispose of it properly. Do your part to keep our common area clean.

Inoperable vehicles must be stored inside your garage or removed from the premises. Commercial vehicles weighing more than 6 tons, boom and tow trucks are not permitted to be parked in residential neighborhoods.

Trash for pick up should be placed no further than 5 feet from your building. Curbside pick up is prohibited. All trash must be contained at all times. See Blue Springs FAQs.

Parking of cars and trucks or vehicles of any kind is not permitted on grass and lawns. Please use your driveway or park on the street. Our grass will thank you.

When you call the message center, leave your name, address, the telephone number at which you can be reached in the evening and a brief message regarding the reason you are calling. A volunteer will return your call.